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Suicide Bunny

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Suicide Bunny | 4 Flavors:


A creamy flavor hint of strawberry in the mix. The simple combination of strawberries with a creamy condensed milk like taste was something we never knew we wanted so badly before.



The flavor is something involving orange. The scent was a honeydew-cantaloupe like combination. With the first inhale of the flavor, we instantly pick up the melon notes (predominately honeydew.) On the exhale, we get a creaminess like that of the Melon Ice Cream Bar.



The mixed fruits have a creamy sour apple that strikes a note like music to our ears. We could play this tune over and over again, if you know what we mean.



Feels like it just came out of the bakery. The snicker doodle cookie inhale with a hint of banana exhale. The sweet aftertaste packs a punch that is a knock out. If you’re the type the gets a high off cookies, this flavor is for you!

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